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Medical marijuana has been in the news lately because some states have been considering legalizing medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of specific illnesses. Medical marijuana is only under investigation for potential health benefits. To this day medical marijuana is not sanctioned as a treatment or cure for any disease. For some suffering from terminal illnesses like AIDS or cancer, medical marijuana may be used to treat nausea and stimulate appetite in an attempt to increase weight. Be cautioned though that there are inconsistent studies that haven't ruled out the idea that medical marijuana may cause more harm than good.

Perhaps more importantly is the idea that most pot smokers are not smoking medical marijuana. Only a fraction of a percent of pot smokers does so with a prescription from a licensed physician and obtains the drug from a recognized distributor. If you are seeking information about marijuana for yourself or a loved one because of difficulties with marijuana, this page is for you. Similar to those smoking medical marijuana, many people who chronically use marijuana are suffering from a disease. Unlike those smoking medical marijuana, many people suffer severe consequences that those who smoke medical marijuana often do not consider.

Addiction to marijuana is a very real disease with symptoms and characterized by progression. If you or a loved one is unable to stop smoking marijuana even after swearing off the stuff forever, this is an indication of physical dependence. The negative effects may already be apparent. Loss of memory and ability to concentrate is one effect. A persistent or reoccurring cough is another. Continued use of marijuana can lead to cancer of the head, throat, lungs or mouth.

The social consequences can be just as damaging. Loss of friends, family, spouse, children can all come as a result of marijuana dependency and the isolation that comes from a fixation on the drug. The mental obsession and physical craving severely impedes one's ability to perform at work and often results in job loss. Studies show that students who smoke marijuana do poorly at school compared to their classmates and workers who smoke pot have higher absences and accidents.

The good news is that marijuana dependence does have a scientifically proven treatment that is very effective. Spencer Recovery Centers have been treating clients dependent on marijuana for over 10 years. Our high success rate comes from a combination of effective therapies. Treating the whole person means medical attention if appropriate, individual and group behavioral therapies, and residential treatment in a comfortable, respectful setting. Spencer Recovery Centers are located on some of America's most beautiful beaches and short term or long-term stays are available.

Stop suffering from the disease of addiction. It is possible to start again and get the life you want. Without marijuana it is possible for you to accomplish all of your social and financial goals. Let Spencer Recovery Centers show you the gifts of the recovery community. If you or a loved one wants to stop smoking marijuana and have realized that you cannot do it on your own, please call us today. Most insurance plans are accepted.

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